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Did you ever want to know the location of the person whom you are chatting/talking to (on Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ messenger) or with whom you are transacting with on Internet.
Did you ever want to know the Country, City, Latitude, Longitude, Browser any person is using, Operating System he is working on. You can know it all here !!
This is a system to trace the location (country, city, etc. ) and also browser and OS of anyone on internet.

All you need to do is to invite that person (whom you want to trace) to a page and all his details will automatically get mailed to you at your Email Address that you provide here.
After you provide your email id here, a unique link will be mailed to you at which you'll have to invite your target. As soon as the person clicks that link, his location details will be mailed to you.
Read the STEPS 1, 2, 3 below very carefully and start tracing people within no time.

Please give your email address where your unique link will be mailed. You'll also receive trace reports at this particular email address.
Email id : * Please Ensure that the email you provide is correct.

Once you've got your unique link. You'll now have to invite your target to open it.
Lets see how!!
You'll receive a link like .Click on the link to see what it looks like. It contains a Today's Fortune, a big Smiley and a footer saying Website developed by me.
Now you can have the following reasons to invite your target to the page:

  • You can tell him/her that this page has a very accurate predictions and he/she can have a look.[The predictions are different for different computer and change everyday.]
  • You can invite him/her to see your photo, which obviously turns out to be a smiley when he/she views your link.
  • You can even tell that you developed a webpage (I won't mind !!) and that you want him/her to have a look.
  • You can have any indigenous excuse so far as you are creative enough.

Once the person visits your page, you'll almost instantaneously receive a mail with his/her details.

If you think that the aforementioned excuses were childish and you won't be able to invite the person using them, then you can perhaps invite him to your own link on the internet.
You can give below your own internet link (a URL/Hyperlink) that your target will be re-directed to when he/she clicks your unique link.
You link can be anything like

  • Your home-page or website. Any page that contains your photo.
  • Your Yahoo! or Orkut profile page. [If your id at yahoo is (or .co.xy), then your yahoo profile page is]
  • You can give link to any website, web-page that you would like to show to your target.
  • In all the above cases, obviously the reason that you'll give to click your unique link  will depend on the type of content the page has.
    • For example you can give as your link. And invite a person to click your unique link to calculate his IQ.
    • If you can't think upon any link, then try to find many interesting sites or give the above IQ calculation link. I'll try to compile some interesting links if time permits.
Give your link here (leave blank if you don't wish to redirect the user to your custom link.)

make sure that it starts with http://

Click here to see if the link you provided is functional, and ensure that it is functional. If you see the page opened in the new window, then its okay to continue, else change the link. Note that link once registered won't be changed.

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